About S-TECH Switches


S-TECH Switch Systems™ are proudly engineered, developed, designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. S-TECH was born trail riding at 10,000 feet at night for those who insist on the best lighting and a well-engineered and reliable switch system. Each unit is assembled in our Colorado manufacturing facility and 100% tested. It is only then that each unit is provided a unique serial number and includes a “BEST IN CLASS” buyer protection 5-year full replacement warranty. S-TECH delivers solutions to the challenges of off-roading while delivering safety, reliability, function and convenience. Our Made-in-the-USA injection molded, automotive grade ABS switch housing and TTO designed custom plug and play wire harness has the OEM “look” we all want in our vehicle accessories. The look and feel of the S-TECH Switch Systems are second to none.


Now available – the S-TECH Switch System. The complete, easy-to-install, plug and play wiring harness solution. S-TECH’s simplicity delivers reliable results.

Complete Kit includes:

  • Custom vehicle specific housing that mounts for that great OEM look
  • Switches – Choice of Blue, Red, Amber or Green and other custom upgrades, in a variety of styles
  • Power Control Module with complete Custom Plug and Play Wiring Harness
  • Under hood black powder coated mounting bracket
  • Complete hardware package
  • S-Tech Offroad LLC Offroad Sticker
  • S-TECH Sticker and literature
  • BEST IN CLASS Installation Instructions (online and booklet)
  • Installation TEMPLATE simplifies the housing install


S-TECH SWITCH SYSTEM Starting at $199.99  

Proudly Made in the USA with a FULL 5-year Buyer Protection Warranty
S-TECH is the complete easy to plug and play wiring solution with Wire Harness. S-TECH is the ONLY switch system on the market for less than $200. S-TECH Switch Systems are custom designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles. S-TECH Switch Systems are available online for your convenience 24/7. Made in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado USA, known to many as JEEP COUNTRY. Thank you and God Bless America.


We are very pleased with how our Made in the USA product line has been received within the off-road community. Our tremendous sales growth, customer acceptance and most importantly the high level of customer satisfaction is exactly why we created the S-TECH brand. We are proud of our 5 STAR rating on Google Business and the list of satisfied customers grows every day. To recognize the confidence we have in our simple, efficient design and it’s build quality, we offer a 5 year warranty on all serialized S-TECH Switch Systems™.

In order to protect your warranty we do not recommend modifying our systems in any way. If any modification you do creates a warranty issue, there may be a coverage issue. Therefore, please be careful and consult with an electrical specialist and use generally accepted electrical practices if you choose to modify any S-TECH System.

From all of the team members at S-TECH Switch Systems, we thank you for choosing S-TECH.

To view the 5 Year Warranty as a pdf, click here.


S-TECH SWITCH SYSTEM is proud to have a US Patent on our vehicle specific switch systems. We have worked hard to ensure that our designs and finished product deliver that CLEAN OEM LOOK we all want for our vehicles. Our TEAM of developers, engineers and designers deliver what our customers demand.  
The entire TEAM at S-TECH Switch Systems thanks you for your support of our brand.
The entire TEAM at S-TECH Switch Systems thanks you for your support of our brand.
The entire TEAM at S-TECH Switch Systems thanks you for your support of our brand.
The entire TEAM at S-TECH Switch Systems thanks you for your support of our brand.