Scott and the S-Tech team are phenomenal when it comes to the service they provide and the product they put together. The S-Tech team hooked me up with both a 4 and 6 S-Tech Switch System. I have a complete 10-Switch setup, absolutely love the look and style of the system. Have every lighting fixture wired into my system. S-Tech not only provides a great product, but their customer service is “off-the-charts” when it comes to providing troubleshooting and installation support. The install is relatively easy and simple, will take 2-3 hours… longer if your a perfectionist like me. Have had the system for a little over a year with zero problems and/or complaints. If you’re looking for a control system to manage all your 3rd party components for your off-road vehicle, you need not look no further! High-Five S-Tech Team!  

John D.

Absolutely highly recommended! Customer service was great. I needed some assistance with the install, gave them a call and he actually walked me through my issue. Extremely impressed. Once again thank you!

Tyler F.

Greetings Scott,

I received my package and am very excited about getting it installed on my Taco. As a strong supporter of “Made in the USA” products, the quality of workmanship in the 6-switch system is superior to the competition as is the customer service you personally rendered in taking the time out of your busy schedule to call me directly for clarification regarding my order. Your willingness to correct my order and apply credit back to my account is a testament to your work ethic and honesty in going the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our world needs more businessmen like you. Also, I want to extend a thank you to John for personally writing a little note (thanking me for my business) in the S-TECH note pad included with my order. That was a very nice surprise and a sweet touch of class which again is a testament to you, your staff, and your business. I am so impressed with S-TECH that I will most assuredly promote your products to my family and friends. Thank you for what you do for the 4×4 community.

Diane K.

The team at S-TECH has been nothing but amazing to work with. Went with them instead of the other competitors on the market because of their price and because of what I had heard in terms of customer service. Don’t let the price fool you, you are getting a solid switch system that is backed by a 5-year warranty and I have no doubts that they will stand by it. Can’t recommend them enough.

Travis H.

Absolutely amazing customer service and honesty. When I bought my system I put in a promo code that gave me $10 off. But the code was actually for 10% off which would have been more. Scott emailed me and called me the next morning to inform me I had some extra credit and could either upgrade or get the money credited back to me. He was also very prompt and clear on explaining any questions I had. AMERICAN made product, supports veterans, and amazing customer service. I couldn’t ask for more.

Jerrell L.

As any Jeep owner is bound to do, modifications and add-on’s start almost immediately after their purchase. I’m no exception and started piecing together my list of items – auxiliary LED cubes and light bars – to begin my customization. Only problem…my 2018 JL Sport didn’t come equipped with aux switches. The dealership quoted me $900 for switch bank, install and programming. Then I came across S-TECH and their products. Made in the USA with highly rated customer service! So, I sent S-TECH an email requesting some guidance on exact equipment that would be necessary for a complete install. Literally, within minutes I got an email back from Scott Bove asking if I was available for a brief phone call to discuss my purchase options. Scott walked me through all of the items necessary for a quality upgrade to Jeep. It was obvious to me that Scott takes pride in his company, the product, and held true to the high standards he’s set for customer support. I purchased a 4-switch, amber micro LED, 60 amp breaker w/24″ wire, and cubby delete and I am super stoked to get this thing installed so I can connect my lights. A+ rating to you and the folks at S-TECH! Thanks-a-million team. I’ll be sure to drop a line after the install.

Jesse S.

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service so far. I was completely blown away on how fast my order arrived — especially after doing a custom order at 2:30 am on a Saturday. I ordered my S-TECH System specifically because of your sponsorship to our off-road event at the end of the month and then when I saw all the positive reviews and videos all over the internet, I felt very comfortable ordering from you. Overall, I want to thank you for making such a great product and making it very responsible in cost. The personal thank you from Scott was a great touch. Keep up the great work and superior customer service.

Jason W.

S-TECH is a class act. I was able to speak with Scott tonight, who is the owner, while purchasing a new product of theirs. His passion for his product is evident just by hearing him talk. He’s proud that all of his products are all designed, and made, right here in the United States of America, and he shows that but supporting the US military and law enforcement with product discounts. His last words before we got off the phone were “this is my cell just in case you have any issues”. If that isn’t customer service, I don’t know what is. Looking forward to my new S-TECH switches in my new Jeep Wrangler. Thanks, Scott and S-TECH!

Justin G.

Great products and excellent support! I had a couple of questions and Scott was there right away to assist. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He had me fixed up in a matter of minutes. As far as the S-TECH switches that I purchased, they are top notch! Love the way they look in my Jeep and the quality is over the top! Thanks again!!

Robert S.

The instructions that come with the S-TECH System are really detailed and simple to follow. The thought that went behind the design is very evident! I highly recommend this system.

Preston S.

Ordered a 4 switch for my sons’ JK online with some extra printed switch covers for his windshield pillar lights and eventual purchase of some rock lights. About an hour later I get a call asking if I would like the printed covers installed and they made sure I had everything I was going to need. That’s great customer service! When the package came in a few days later we open it up to find a couple of rock lights thrown in! My son is excited about the install and I couldn’t be happier about my decision to go with the S-Tech system. Thx y’all.

Sean J.

Great experience today I ordered a 6 switch system of my 2014 JKUR. Since I live in Conifer I got to go by his facility and assemble and test my own system before taking it home. Scott & John are very knowledgeable and friendly and have a great facility up here in the foothills.

John S.

I recently purchased an S-Tech Switch System for my Ram 2500. My truck is a 2012 and I purchased the 2013 and newer kit since they don’t have one for my years. It worked with some minor trimming and reworking of the plastic dash mount.. I am very pleased with this switch setup as it simplifies a lot of wiring frustrations. The switch panel is highly versatile for customization. I added a 7 pin switch and a couple extra grounds to accommodate a couple dual color light bars that are controlled off of separate grounds. Very pleased with this kit and the S-Tech products!

Kyle F.

Great kit! I installed mine yesterday and it went super simple. We have an ‘08 JKU and where the system mounts in the engine bay I had a large factory wiring harnesses right there so I had to move it so the system would mount there. I do not like wiring at all and this kit was super easy to install!

Nick M.

So to follow up on this, S-TECH Switch Systems gave me a call to follow up on the install and we spoke for approx. 30 mins on the changes he has coming for the S-TECH product line. First and foremost, let me reiterate the amazing customer service that Scott at S-TECH Switch Systems has given. He explained the Universal system versus the Toyota specific system (which I had no idea could be paired with the universal switch) and that was my fault for not researching it thoroughly, but either system will work, this was just my experience with the Universal system.

Luckily for us, Scott saw the issues I ran into with the Universal kit and is making a Toyota Tacoma specific kit for us with the 6 switch panel so it is literally plug and play with no harness adjustments or tampering needed. He is also making two new switch pods with additional coloring options for the switches, including blue for us Tacoma owners, which is awesome. He is also going to update the instructions that come with the kit to make it a little clearer on how to install the system.

As for the broken cover for the plastic relay box, he is sending a new cover to fix my Hulking on the clip and breaking it. He reiterated the 5 year warranty as he stated above and it covers unintentional screw ups as well, so if you Hulk on the cover and accidentally break it, he has your back.

Seriously, this company is legit when it comes to customer service and really wants to improve their product. That shows in Scott’s personal calls to follow up and his willingness to make the product better for us as consumers. At this price point, you just don’t normally see this type of customer service, so kudos to Scott and team for reaching out.

Max O.

Thanks for being a kick-ass AMERICAN company and competing
with companies who are much higher priced!

Brian E.