JL Install under hood

Installation Updates

s-tech warning


WARNING! Do NOT use Loctite®, Superglue or any other adhesive on the switch housing!

To assist you with any interior related trim pieces on your specific vehicle, please visit this website for reference:

From time to time we may find the need to UPDATE the Installation Manual with options or methods that our customers feedback alerts us to.
The following is a list of UPDATES with links to that update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Lead time?
A. We are currently three business days out for complete systems, other orders are generally shipped same business day.

Q. Fuses?
A. The kits include 15 and 30 amp fuses, they are intended to be moved around or changed out as needed for your accessories.

Q. Where to mount the 60amp Breaker?
A. As close to the battery as possible, on a flat surface.

Q. Accessory output connectors?
A. We recommend you crimp your accessory wires to the outputs of S-Tech. We do not use bullet connectors on the system. Or you can use the optional waterproof connector kit.

Q. Time to install?
A. The time it takes to install varies, a standalone panel may take 30 mins while a 10 switch kit can take over 5 hours. This does not include time to set up whatever accessories you may have.