S-TECH Switch Systems Upgrades

Do you already have an S-TECH Switch System installed in your vehicle? Want to upgrade to a newer, custom system? These upgrades include everything you need to install the new system.

S-TECH Switch Systems
Customer Upgrade Form

If you are an existing S-TECH Switch System® customer you can upgrade your original style LED switch system to our new custom push button system.
Fill out and submit the form below to begin the upgrade process.

If you are an existing customer and am requesting a CORE CHARGE refund please fill out the following and return this for with the original switch housing. Returning this completed document will extend your existing entire system warranty by 5 more years.

Go to our site, then go to the the UPGRADE section under PRODUCTS
Select your UPGRADE Choice
Add it to your cart
Go to the ACCESSORY Section under PRODUCTS
Find the item called CORE CHARGE select it and add it to your cart
Core Charge is 100% refunded once we receive the original switch housing back.
If you decide to keep the original switch housing then please check off that option above and
tell us at checkout that you will not be returning the original switch housing, fill out this form to activate your 5 year warranty extension
If you are not an existing STECH customer please fill out this form to activate your 1 year switch and housing warranty

Contact us any time at 720-460-1403